A Special Treat For You!

Dear LMI Family,

I am currently in Redding California attending a Leaders conference at Bethel Church. Last night during Bethel’s Sunday night service the manifest glory of the Lord literally appeared on stage and it seem by many people. It appeared as a swirl of sparkling glitter of gold. While this was happening people were spontaneously healed without anyone praying for them. There is a testimony of steel rods disappearing for a person’s spine area.

Tonight, Danny Silk shared another video recording of a visible cloud like appearance which had been recorded on tape during one of their recent services. It seems Bethel Church is in a season of experiencing encounters with the manifest glory of the Lord.

Kevin Dedmon also shared with me about a lady with a totally paralyzed leg but she was radically healed last week. She now walks. Kevin shared that Theresa and he are looking forward to their time in Hawaii on November 17-19.

As a result of what the Lord has begun to do in Bethel Church, I decided to extend our early registration rate of $40 per person for another week. But this special rate will end on Sunday November 13! Limited seats are available.

Visit www.laulimaminiatries.com for information on our “Supernatural Lifestyle Conference” or to register today.

I saw the video recording of the cloud of God’s glory and it was amazing. I am praying we will also encounter His glory in our conference.



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