A testimony from our School of Worship

Dear LMI Family,

It was an awesome time at our School of Worship with Dano McCollam. I wanted to share a testimony I received from a good friend, John Tussey. John is an awesome piano player and teacher. He also writes and produces his own music. Check out his stuff. You will enjoy it! I shared with John if he enjoyed this school, not to miss our next school in January when Ray Hughes!!! The lid on worship will be blown apart.




Dear Dean and Kerry,

The School of Worship with Dano McCollam was amazing and definitely one of the highlights of 2010 in my spiritual journey. WOW!! Initially, I wasn’t going to attend, but a few days before the school, the Lord impressed upon me that He wanted me there and I tell you, He downloaded super-abundantly as I obeyed. Thank you Jesus!

The teaching was over-the-top, the revelation, impartation…WOW!! and the fellowship was wonderful too! I am so grateful for what came into me. Here is some of what happened on Tuesday, the last night…
My first experience that night…I saw different colors of lightnings – white, blue, red, yellow coming on me in different places and the Lord was doing a deliverance inside me. It was powerful. The more He removed, the more free and peaceful I felt. Another experience…During one of the times when my hands were raised, I saw what appeared to be blue kleenex tissues, but realized they were blue cloths. One was placed in each hand and one inside my heart. I looked and saw they were brilliant blue. Around 9:20pm, I saw pieces of sheet music, they were blurry, but I could tell they were pieces of sheet music coming down inside my head. The music had somewhat of a complexity about it. Then, it changed to books of music coming down inside me. I heard something like this…”Give it all to him.” He will bring it into the Earth for the Kingdom. I heard “Give it all to him” more than once. Then it changed from books of music to truckloads of music. I was impressed to count to 10 and went further, counting all the way up to 100. 100 truck loads of music. Oh WOW!! I had the revelation that this is more than could be brought forth in a lifetime, but that I would be bringing music forth in time into eternity. Glory to God! What a time of super-downloading! During the time that Dano was imparting into others who stood up, I was getting inundated with the presence of God and was in a drunken state. I am so glad I obeyed the Lord and came to the school!!

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my testimony of God’s goodness, faithfulness and love.

Blessings to you Dean and Kerry!

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