An Amazing Man of God!

Dear LMI Family of Supporters,
A group of pastors from Hawaii attended Watchmen for the Nations Gathering, "Reveal 19" in BC Canada.  It was a powerful and spiritually monumental time as world leaders gathered to seek the Lord and discern together regarding the middle east.  The gathering focused on the sons of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac and really opened our minds to a better understanding of the Father's heart in the middle east. 
We were very honored to personally meet Father Zacharia and literally sit at his feet listening to stories of numerous conversions of Muslim Clerics or "Imams."  I have never met anyone like Father Zacharia ever before.  He absolutely has no fear but only overflowing love for Jesus.  A modern day Apostle Paul!  I will never forget the honor I was given to lay hands on him and bless him.  It was very humbling to be in the presence of such a powerful man of God, who is being used to rock the very foundations of Islam. He is an amazing man of God and a testament of how God can use a single person who is totally sold out to change the world for Christ.
Check him out on Youtube.  You will be blessed!
From my heart,

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