Can I Still Register Tonight?

Dear LMI Family,

Last night we had an amazing time with Ray Hughes.  Ray shared from a familiar story of David and Goliath in a way which opened a fresh perspective of worship.  He is not only funny and knowledgable but also very prophetic. Ray is a revivalist who is able to reawaken and stir up passion for the scriptures and worship like few can.

Did you know that the 120 people who gathered in the upper room was a remnant of the 500 who was also invited? Did you know that the tomb of David, was on the floor underneath the room where the 120 had gathered? Did you know that King David started his reign over Judah (Praise) at 30, and Jesus started His earthly ministry also at 30 years old?  Did you know David, means “beloved” and the voice from Heaven declared that Jesus was “My beloved Son?” Did you know that the 120 represented 120 trumpets?  Did you know that on the day of Pentecost there came “a sound” like a mighty rushing wind? Not a mighty rushing wind, but a sound like???  120 people speaking in tongues, trumpeting a new sound on earth and announcing a new dispensation!  Wow!

Did you know that revival history reveals that whenever God moves somewhere, one-third of the people end up leaving the place where God moves? Did you know Ray shared all this as we casually talked on our way down to church last night? Wow! Wow!!

Ray carries so much and he has so much more to share about worship. We have 3 more sessions to go for our school.  And if you are interested in hearing more, Ray will be speaking this Sunday at Unified…’s Celebration Sunday at 10 am.  That’s 4 more sessions with Ray!

Don’t forget an MP3/ipod download of the Worship School is included with each paid registration.

A question being asked is, “Can people still register tonight?  Yes! Get ready the River will get deeper! It’s not too late to jump in!



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