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Laulima Presents:
Your Spirit, The Land, & Your Body
By Arthur Burk

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Better yet, does the land influence your brain and spirit, or does your spirit impact the land you are on?

The human spirit and land have a complex relationship. In one simple picture, God gave man dominion over the earth. Thus we are able to cleanse it from defilement. In this sense, we are giving to the land.

However, to add another layer to the picture, God has pre-established places on the earth that are much more spiritually charged than others, so when we go there, our spirit responds more vigorously than at other places. So with this scenario, we are receiving.

Beyond those simplistic giving and receiving grids, there is a vast array of consideration about how both the design of the land and its defilement affect our spirit and our brain, as well as how each individual’s design will define how they best impact the land.

This seminar will give you a lot of tools to discern what is actually going on with land you visit, as well as exercises you can use to unpack the dominion that you were designed to have in your spirit.

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Noon to 5:00 p.m.

Unified …
1419 10th Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816

Registration will be handled by Arthur Burk’s ministry so you must register in advance.  No Walk In Registration! Use the button below to register.

Register for A Weekend with Larry Randolph

Larry_RandolphLaulima Ministries will host Larry Randolph
May 11-12, 2012


  • Friday May 11- 6:00pm
  • Saturday May 12- 10:00am
  • Saturday May 12- 3:00pm


1419 10th Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 734-2655

About Larry:

Larry and his wife, Laura, are passionately devoted to helping people embrace their God-given destinies. Over the last thirty-five years, Larry’s diverse experience as a pastor, teacher, and prophetic voice has taken him around the world—crossing many cultural and religious lines. As a creative thinker and gifted communicator, his warm and authentic style of ministry disarms people, enabling him to relate to almost anyone. Larry is widely known for his strong prophetic gift and is the author of the books User Friendly Prophecy, Spirit Talk, The Coming Shift, and Original Breath.

You can find out more information about Larry at his website.

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Celebration Wednesdays!


I have an exciting announcement to make!  The Lord has finally released me to start a second worship service in 2011. Unified.. . will be adding a weekly Wednesday evening service called "Celebration Wednesdays."  The kick off for this service will be January 5, 2011.  Though this is not an LMI sponsored event, I wanted to share this great news with you.  Several people who do not attend church regularly have asked me to start an LMI worship service.   So I wanted to let you know you are all invited to attend!

We will be focusing on ways to go deeper and grow stronger in the Lord.    

This midweek "spiritual workout" will begin at 7 pm.

More information soon!


Pastors Dean and Kerry