Healing Service Schedule:

Just a reminder regarding Healing Service Schedule for the next few weeks…

  • Wednesday Healing Services from February 27-April 17 2013 will be cancelled due to construction.
  • Monday Night Healing Service will be cancelled on April 8th due to other events at the church property.

Thanks for your understanding!

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  1. Want to attend healing services. Lived in Georgia and was in bible study for 3-4 years through Free Chapel Church in Gainesville, Georgia. You probably know of the pastor, Jentezen Franklin, who operates the television ministry, Kingdom Connection. When I took a job in another state, the small group bible study leader and 2 other elderly people in the bible study group told me to continue developing ability to heal others because the Lord was using me as a pass through vessel and the folks in bible study felt God would use me to heal others. One of the small group bible study members gave me a book by Smith Wigglesworth and another gave me a book by Derrick Prince where he describes being healed by the Lord.

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