Important! What’s up for 2011?

Dear LMI Family and Friends,

How fast has the past year gone by!  It seems like a few weeks ago when I stepped into the senior pastorate at our former LSCF, now called Unified.. . Do you realize that transitions and changes are a regular part of the Christian life. To remain a fresh wineskin implies flexibility and change. Jesus sparked a season of transition when He came to earth in God’s fullness of time and He marvelously straddled between two different seasons. He fulfilled the old covenant while introducing the new. I remember Rick Warren, once saying, “healthy things will grow.”  As much as we like stability and predictability, transition and change is a part of everyday life.

Because I consider LMI to be a vital part of Kerry’s and my life, changes which occur at Unified.. . will also affect LMI, and so I want to keep you informed of important changes at Unified.. .  LMI and Unified.. . will continue to remain separate entities even though I lead both. This has resulted in a healthier relationship and a greater sense of support and stability between our two families.

Here are some happenings at Unified.. .

1) Due to the increase in attendance at our Celebration Sunday at Unified.. . and in consideration of our next door neighbors, our start times for our morning prayer and worship service will be moved back a half hour beginning Sunday January 2. I apologize for this suddenness, but it would also be good to start the new year off with a new start time. Our new time for our Sunday morning worship and prayer hour will be 8:30 – 9:30 am.  We will then start our Celebration Sunday at 10:00 am. Our target will be to end at 12:00 pm, but we will allow freedom for the Holy Spirit to lead.

2) Unified.. . will also be starting a mid-week Celebration Wednesday at 7 pm, beginning on January 5. LMI’s Wednesday Healing Service will be cancelled for the next two weeks, January 5 and 12.  As a reminder we will be meeting this coming Wednesday 12/19..

LMI’s Mililani’s Healing Service will not be meeting this Thursday, but we will reopen next week with a new vision and direction to share.

Our LMI Monday Service will be open as usual throughout the Holiday season.

3) Don’t forget to register for our next School of Worship on January 13-15 with Ray Hughes.  The registration fee of $55 per person will include a free MP3 download of the teaching sessions. (Instructions will be posted online if you want to make CD copies).  We want to continue along our vision to become an equipping, training, and sending center. You will be blessed with Ray’s heart, insights and knowledge of worship, and humor. Ray is a regular speaker at Bethel School of Worship. (Dano McCollam who we hosted also is a regular speaker at Bethel.)  This is for everyone, not just worship team members. Your wineskin of worship will be stretched even more! Register online today at or at one of our LMI Weekly Healing Ministries. Registration fees will increase after January 7.

Worship School Schedule:

1/13 Thursday 6:30 pm

1/14 Friday 6:30 pm

1/15 Saturday 9:30 am and 6:30 pm

4) I also wanted to mention an opportunity to support a project which will directly benefit LMI.  Would you please pray and seek the Lord if He would have you to help. Unified.. . has begun to do repairs and improvements to the facility. We have been given many prophetic words from seasoned prophetic voices of developing a training center for our region on hearing and discerning the voice of the Lord. As I have traveled, I have connected with other world leaders who have received the same vision. Teams will travel between centers in nations and cross pollinate with each other to equip and train in different regions. We will especially be targeting the Pacific, Asia, and the Middle East. We have been blessed with a facility, but to better accommodate future plans we are looking to do some major improvements and upgrades thus Unified.. . has started a “Building Improvement Fund.”  If you would like to make an end of the year contribution, please send your tax deductible donations to:

Unified.. .

1419 10th Avenue

Honolulu, Hawaii, 96819

Please include a notation: Building Improvement Fund

If you would like to make a contribution through LMI, we will forward this to Unified.. . on your behalf.

Thank you for your support this past year.  Last year we we blessed by Randy Clark, James Maloney, Bill Johnson, Danny and Sheri Silk, Kris Vallotton, Deanna Warner, Laura Griffiths, Dano McCollam, Mike Evans, Doug Schneider, David Demian, Ray Hughes, and Brian and Jenn Johnson.  LMI will continue to host cutting edge speakers and world changers to bless you who faithfully serve our Lord in Hawaii.  Wait to next year. We plan to do even more!

On behalf of our LMI Leadership Team and our awesome core of volunteers, “May you and your family have a blessed and prosperous 2011!.”

Hauoli Makahiki Hou!

From my heart,

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