Israel Holy Land Worship Tour with Ray Hughes and Selah Ministries!

Dear LMI Family,

Last year I announced an opportunity to visit the Holy Land of Israel on 12/12/12 with Ray Hughes and Selah Ministries. Registration is now open on their web site at More information about this amazing worship and prayer tour can be found on their website. Registrations, along with all transactions and fees will be handled by Selah Ministries.

If you are interested please contact them directly. This is not a Unified … or LMI sponsored event. Ray Hughes is a very dear friend to our church and ministry family. We highly respect him and we wanted to share this amazing tour with all our friends.

Unfortunately I have a previous commitment on this date and will not be able to attend. Get ready to be tremendously blessed.



PS. People have asked me if LMI and Unified … will be hosting a tour to Israel and the answer is yes. We are seeking the Lord for the date we are to go. We want our time in Israel to have a prophetic significance for the Kingdom. Possibly a tour may be upcoming in 2013. Thank you for your patience!

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