LMI School of Miracles with Dr. James Maloney on February 10-12!

Dear LMI Family,

I have received several powerful testimonies of how people’s lives were changed after our last “School of Worship” with Ray Hughes. I am excited to announce that Ray Hughes will be back with us on July 21-23 for LMI’s next school called, “The History of Revival.” I learned that Ray’s first passion after Jesus, is his wife, Denise. As awesome is his teaching on worship is, his next passion is actually Revival History.  Ray is currently teaching “The History of Revival” in Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry.  We both agreed that it is a perfect subject to know for such a time as this! I know you will be amazed when you hear what really happened in revivals which are often not mentioned in most books you read on the subject. His stories will blow your mind! Registration information will be released in the coming months!  Stay in tuned!

In less than three weeks, Dr. James Maloney will be back here.  James carries an apostolic/prophetic anointing and his message has been confirmed by the Lord through miracles, signs and wonders.  He shared testimonies with me of angelic intervention in life and death situations, restoration of missing body parts, and other extraordinary miracles like metal disappearing in people’s body. In his childhood, James experienced a personal visitation by the Lord in his bedroom while living in a severely abusive situation. It is amazing how the Lord healed him and how the Spirit now flows through him. I now you will enjoy his witty sense of humor. Don’t forget to register today at www.laulimaminstries.com while our early registration rate is in effect. The registration fee will be increasing after February 3, 2011.



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