LMI’s School of Miracles: Dr. James and Joy Maloney!

Dear LMI Family,

This morning Dr. James Maloney received a word of knowledge from the Lord to call American Airlines and leave a day early for Hawaii.  James called Joy who was at the post office and relayed the message to her.  After 35 years of being with James, Joy learned to obey these types of words and so she called AA.  When she asked if they could change their flight to leave a day earlier, the agent responded, “if you can be at the airport in 1/1/2 hours.” The Maloney’s live a 1/2 hour away from Dallas Forth Worth Airport.

In less than an hour they were packed and sitting on a plane to Hawaii, with all change fees waived.  Tomorrow’s weather forecast in Dallas is for 6-8 inches of snow and the airport will be shutting down.  As we met for dinner tonight, James and Joy shared testimonies of miracles they have been experiencing, including the miraculous birth of their own grandson recently. Their grandson’s birth is now going to be published in the medical journals.  Doctors have said, they have not seen anything like it.  They actually had plans to visit this grandson today.  He had just come home from the hospital last Friday. Instead they obeyed God and they arrived in Hawaii tonight. Wow!

James has been walking in the miraculous ever since his sovereign encounter with Jesus Christ. We are anticipating the Lord to release something amazing on us this weekend at our School of Miracles on February 10-12.  Come and join over 180 people who have already registered to attend.  You can also register on our website atwww.wordpress-8175-74255-203021.cloudwaysapps.com or you can register at the door.

Dr. James Maloney will be also speaking on Sunday February 13 at Unified … Celebration Sunday at 10 am.



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