Men’s Gooder Friday! and Women’s Revelation Night!

Dear LMIer's, Unifier's, and friends,

This is a reminder that the men of Gooder Fridays we will be meeting this Friday August 20 at 7 pm at Unified.. . If you have not signed up yet, please call our church office at 734-2655.  We will be having dinner and we need a head count. 

Next month the women of Unified.. . and our partnering church women will begin meeting on the last Friday of every month at our facility.  September 24 at 7 pm will be their first meeting called, "Women's Revelation Night."  

Men of Gooder Friday, please support your wives so that they can attend the women's fellowship as they have supported you on our Men's Gooder Fridays. It their turn to gather as women.


Dean and Kerry

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