Only 3 More Days Remaining For Our Discounted Early Registration Fee! “History of Revival” with Ray Hughes!!

Dear LMI Family of Supporters,

There are only 3 more days remaining to take advantage of our early bird registration fee if you plan to attend our next LMI School on “The History of Revival” with Ray Hughes on July 21-23. Ray’s knowledge on revival history is amazing. Ray teaches at Bethel’s School of Supernatural ministry on this very topic. Ray personally shared with me, “as much as I love worship, my first passion is Revival History.” Come and hear what actually happened in past revivals and how fear and wrong perceptions have defiled our understanding today about how the Spirit works in outpourings. You will learn truths not readily taught.

A dear friend once said, “If you believe a lie, you empower the deceiver!” Misunderstandings and deception has infiltrated our knowledge of what really happened in revival history. We are intentionally limiting the number of seats available for this school. I want a smaller more intimate atmosphere for this school. We still do have seats remaining but we will close registration when our number is reached.

We are in a new season! God is doing new things! If we don’t learn from the fears and mistakes of our past, we are bound to repeat them. Fishermen catch things which are alive and they end up dead! Fishers of men catch things which start off dead and bring them to life!!! As fishermen following Jesus, whenever the disciples relied upon their past experiences it got them in trouble and they even feared their own death. But when they became fishers of men, knowledge of their past became an ocean full of life to others. Do you know the truth of what really happened in past moves or are you helping to empower the deceiver???

Our registration fee of $50 per person will increase beginning Monday July 1 to $65 per person. Registration and more information can be found by visiting our web site at . Or you can register in person at our weekly healing services or at Unified …’s Celebration Sundays. (

This is looking to be one our our best schools yet and for sure an eye opening experience!

Pastor Dean

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