Register Today! School on the History of Revival with Ray Hughes!

Dear LMI Family,

We are excited to have Ray Hughes back again on July 21-23 for “The History of Revival.” If you attended last years’ School of Worship, you enjoyed Ray’s humor and his knowledge on worship. But did you know that Ray also teaches at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry on the topic of Revival History.

About this School?

“Ray highlights some of the most famous names, as well as many unknown heroes in the history of Christian revivals. Revival History is a refreshing look at some of the most wondrous events and untold stories of past outpourings. Revivals, Awakenings, Renewals, Outpourings, Movements, and Visitations have historically had common elements as well as very unique characteristics. This compelling storyteller’s journey shows how conflict, controversy, conviction, and conversion accompany fresh expressions of God’s presence in days of Revival.”

Do you know there is so much we can learn about hosting His Presence or facilitating a move of the Spirit in a sustained way. Actually the more the Spirit moves the more leaders need to lead. Authentic manifestations are easily replaced with patterned behavioral reactions. The enemy is always poised to introduce counterfeit anointings when people are open to anything which they perceive as from God. Deception is a key strategy of our enemy!

Here is the tension we face walking in the Spirit. We are walking in a new season and God is doing new things. How do we know when it is a new thing of God or not? History! We can learn much from what God has already done in the past. History can teach us how to move into the future while avoiding the mistakes which quenched previous moves of God. If we can navigate through the lessons of the past, History can become His-story!!

We intentionally limited the number of seats for this School! Once our seats are filled we will be closing registration. There is a registration fee to attend!

You can register or find more information at

This promises to be another powerfully insightful time with Ray and the Holy Spirit!


2 thoughts on “Register Today! School on the History of Revival with Ray Hughes!

  1. Hi: The above announcement for Ray Hughes seminar mentioned to Register Today!, but I’m unable to locate or pull up the registration page/section. I would like more info about the scheduled times & the cost of the seminar per person. Mahalo.



    1. Hello Dave,
      So sorry about that. I’ve made the registration much more prominent.
      Thanks for the feedback.


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