More Laulima Resources Coming!

We’ll be adding more great resources soon!

Upcoming Events include: Don Potter in March 2013

Past Resources:

Please email [email protected] if you would like to order past resources.  Our catalog of past conferences include:

  • A Weekend with Larry Randolph $20
  • School of Revival History with Ray Hughes and Matt Higa $30
  • Healing Seminar with Joaquin Evans $15
  • School of Miracles with Dr. James Maloney $20
  • 2011 School of Worship with Ray Hughes $20
  • School of Prophets with Kris Vallaton and Dano McCollam $35
  • 2010 School of Worship with Dano McCollam $25
  • Sozo Training with Jim and Pat Banks $20
  • Apostolic Government with Danny Silk $5
  • Honor Among Us with Danny and Sheri Silk $20
  • Healing Seminar with Mike Evans $15
  • Advancing the Kingdom with Bill Johnson $20
  • Breaking Free Weekend with James Maloney $20


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