School of Worship

Who Should Attend the "School of Worship?"

This school is much more than a school for church musicians and worship teams.

  • Did you know the primary reason you were created is to glorify and worship the Lord?
  • Did you know creation worships?
  • This school is for everyone who desires to gain a better understanding of worship while growing in your intimacy with the Lord through worship. 

Dano is a regular speaker at Bethel Church's Worship School.  He pastors "The Mission" church in Vacaville CA. You will love his fun and light hearted style!  When Kerry and I first met Dano in person, he was sitting in front of us laughing and totally wasted in the Spirit. I was even more surprised at how knowledgeable he is on this subject.  He is a good friend of Ray Hughes who ministered here a few months back, and Dano travels internationally helping cultures find and release their unique sound.  This is not only for worship leaders and those on the worship team.  It is for everyone who desire to go deeper in their understanding of worship. When I heard what a piece of DNA of a swan and a human sounded like, it blew my mind just how intricately God designed His creation to glorify and worship Him!

Dan McCollam empowers worshippers worldwide to understand and release the transformational effect of worship on individuals, families, cities, and nations. Dan is the founding director of Sounds of the Nations and the (iWAR) Institute for Worship Arts Resources training and equipping worshippers to write and record praise and worship songs in their own style, language, and ethnic sound.

For more information on Dan McCollam and these ministries visit or

Read more about Dano here.


November 14-16 at 7:00p.m. Nightly

All Session at Unified.. . 1419 10th Ave. Honolulu, HI 96816

Walk-in Registration Cost is $30


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