Supernatural Lifestyle Conference with Kevin and Theresa Dedmon! November 17-19!

Dear LMI Family,

Online registration just opened for our Supernatural Lifestyle Conference with Kevin and Theresa Dedmon on November 17-19 at Unified … We will be having day and evening sessions. Our goal is to see you activated and released in your own creative design to live a Supernatural Lifestyle.

Kevin is the architect of “Treasure Hunt” and is a revivalist/evangelist. He also wrote a manual called “Firestarters” and leads a class of the same name which is an integral part of Bethel’s new believers training.

Theresa has been in pastoral ministry for over 20 years with Kevin. She leads in the creative arts and works to see the arts released in the Church and the world. She holds a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Biblical Studies from Vanguard University. They are both a part of Bethel Church in Redding CA.

We are being tremendously blessed to have both of them, together, ministering in the same venue. They both carry so much to impart! We are in for a treat! Every time I have connected with Kevin and Theresa, whether at dinner or in a classroom setting, we have ended up in a Holy Spirit party! I have learned so much from each of them.

We long to see everyone released and free from the boxes which have restricted people from living a supernatural life.

If you ever been around Kevin and Theresa, you know the blessing they bring of the Lord’s presence and joy. They are truly life givers!

Visit our website today at to register at our early registration rate or for more information. We will also begin our manual registration this coming Monday at our LMI Monday Healing Service at MGMC. Seats are limited!


Pastor Dean

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