Thank You For Your Prayers!

Dear Unified…Family,

I want to personally thank everyone who prayed and those who came out to support me last night at Kawaihao Church. Thanks also to the LMI Monday night team who met at MGMC to keep the healing ministry going. I really appreciate all of you. Everyone was in their places doing their part.

Last night for some reason I felt unusually nervous.  But then I realized my nervousness was because God was up to something. Knowing this did not help me at all, it only made me more nervous. 🙂

At 5 pm, Ken Wong and the pastors met with the mayor in his office. It was the first time I had ever met Peter Carlisle, Personally, I like him.  He seems real, honest, and sincere.  We do need to continue to pray God keeps him that way, and the Lord protect him from wrong influences.  He is surrounded by some good people, like his managing director who is a committed Christian.  The mayor personally asked if we would continue to pray for him, especially for more wisdom.  There are some difficult decisions facing him right now.

Kahu Curt Kekuna gave me his permission to blow my shofar in his church.   I ended up bringing my triple twist one instead of the shorter one.  I felt I needed to use the longer one.  It had something to do about the new season, the new sound, and moving into new things.  We must be aware that the very thing that God uses to mold us can also become the very thing that ends up restricting who we become if we do not remain flexible.

Regarding the prayer service itself, well, you need to ask those who were there. For fear of tooting my own horn, (I only want to blow the Lord’s one!) I will only say this … Kahu Kekuna said this was the most anointed prayer service yet.  The mayor said, according to Kerry “I stole the show!”  Pastor Joe Onosai said, When I blew the shofar, something happened deep in his spirit.  Others told me they got chicken skin, while others expressed how free the church felt. What Ken and his group asked me to do, the Lord answered.  Their reason for having me speak first was to “set the tone for the entire evening,” and Unified …,  thanks to you all, God did it through you!

The new sound in the Kingdom is now released!  Dot! Dot! Dot!

Looking forward to our Celebration Anniversary Sunday and Baptism this weekend.  Over 180 signed up to attend the luau luncheon and 46 for baptism and 2 for dedications.  WOW!

From my heart,


Pastor Dean

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