Thanks Jim and Pat! Wow! What a weekend!!

Dear LMI Family of Supporters,

What an awesome weekend we had with Jim and Pat Banks and their SOZO team.  Throughout the week they ministered to over 50 people individually and then we hosted a training session on Friday and Saturday. Jim's final words was a commissioning to those who were trained into the SOZO family.  It was a blessing to see every hand raised when I asked the question at the end of our time together, "who experienced the Lord?" Everyone in the house raised their hands!  I am so grateful for the numerous testimonies of healing which took place over the weekend. People were literally transformed.  

What I appreciated most about Jim and Pat's approach to SOZO was the simplicity in how they introduced it. Essentially they emphasized the need to hear and rely upon the Lord.  The hands-on practical times were powerful! Their 28 years of experience in the healing ministry along with their spiritual authority as a father and mother in the faith has created a very unique style which could be received by all.  

Someone asked if we would be developing a SOZO team?  My answer is, probably so!  More information soon!

I also want to let you know that we will be shutting down next Monday's Healing Ministry at MGMC on November 1, 2010.  We have been given a commission by the Lord to gather to worship. So instead of running the healing ministry next Monday night we will be gathering at Unified.. . at 6:30 pm on Sunday October 31 and Monday November 1 for two consecutive nights of worship.  We will be worshipping on "Halloween night" and also on the eve of our general election.  This will not be a time to pray for any specific candidate but to focus on Jesus.  Jesus said, "if I be lifted up I will draw all men to Myself."  

Here is a quote by John Belt (Elijah List, October 24, 2010), "Through the course of the last year we've really concentrated on changing the spiritual climate through our individual and corporate worship as a Church family. It is amazing the power that worship has to displace darkness over a region. When the sole motivation is to magnify Jesus, exalt the Lord, the purity of worship draws the angels of God and cleanses the very atmosphere of an area. When we worship we bring the atmosphere and activity of Heaven into the earth."

Our Unified.. . family will be gathering to do this!  I invite any of you who feel a call in your spirit to join us on these two nights to come!  



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