This Week LMI’s Wednesday and Thursday Healing Ministries Are Closed!

Dear LMI Family,

Due to our School of Worship with Ray Hughes which starts on Thursday, LMI’s Wednesday Healing Service at Unified… and Thursday Healing Service at Mililani Missionary Church will be closed.  They will be reopening next week at their usual location and times.

Ray Hughes will be the special guest speaker tomorrow night at Unified…’s midweek worship service, “Celebration Wednesday.” It begins at 7 pm at Unified… This is open to the public.

If you want to register for our School of Worship, you can still do so online at . Due to technical problems some people encountered trying to register last week, we have decided to keep the registration open and extend the early registration fee.  I apologize for that! All problems have been resolved and you can register today!

Registration also just opened for our next LMI school, “School of Miracles” with Dr. James Maloney on February 10-12.  Last year when James was here, he was amazing while functioning at only 60% of his gifting. Imagine what James will be like this time around after recuperating for a year. Wow!  He has some of the wildest testimonies I have heard, like arms growing back, creative miracles, amazing stories of angelic protection, metal rods disappearing in people’s bodies.  James prayed for both Bill Johnson and Randy Clark and released an impartation for extraordinary miracles which has continued in their own ministries. Have you heard of metal disappearing or metal rods acting in ways it shouldn’t, like bending?  We are so excited to be with him again! Manual registration will also be taken at Unified…’s Weekly Celebration Services and at LMI’s Healing Ministries beginning next week.

Finally, we will be hosting a financial workshop on Saturday February 19. Ron Tanaka (Cfp) will be our speaker.  Ron and his wife, Gayle, are the senior pastors of Ascent Christian Fellowship in Pasadena, California. Ron owns his own business and works full-time as a financial planner.  Ron and Gayle are dear and entrusted friends to many churches in California, and especially to Kerry and I. Learn how to manage your finances through a fresh perspective of your values and God’s Kingdom. More information soon!

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