Today, I am Headed for Hong Kong

Dear LMI Family,

Japan has been great, but the truth is I also really miss everyone.  Although it has been just a week I have been gone, it feels already like two.  In the short time I have been in Japan, we have accomplished so much. Tetsuro, Izumi, and my visit to sensei’s house in Okuizumo was a real treat.  We spent an entire day with his entire family and at his workshop.  Sensei did a live demonstration for us and explained the steps of sword making.  It was a once in a lifetime experience. Sugoi!

We also found out that he is the “ichiban” sword maker in all Japan, having made the most swords. To date he has registered over 850 swords with the Japanese government.  His older brother is possibly next at 800 swords, but he now bed ridden.  Sensei’s disciple shared that of the 300 licensed sword makers in Japan, only 100 people actually make swords.  Of the 100 people less than 50 of them makes at least 2 swords a year, and of the 50 people, less than 30 sword makers actually makes 2 swords a month. It appears having a license to make swords is very prestigious in Japan, and many people do it for the title only.

While dining at sensei’s house on the second night of our stay, his eldest daughter asked how she could be saved. There is actually more to the story which I can share later. But it was an honor for us to lead her to Jesus. Sensei, Tsuneko, and their entire family are so grateful for each of you in Hawaii.  Sensei has two daughters who are married, and they each expressed their gratitude for our providing the trip their parents dreamed off, and adding, we as their children could not afford to do that for them.  They were so grateful and happy. We spent much time looking at pictures of their visit and reminiscing.

Returning to Tokyo, has basically been helping to set up our house church here, under Ron, Machiko, Tetsuro, and Izumi.  Oh, the onsen, shabu shabu, and Tsukiji sushi has been great to!

Today I leave for Hong Kong and about 14 training sessions and speaking engagements in the next 6 days, along with individual prayer sessions for the students. Please be in prayer so I would minister what the Spirit wants to deliver and not my agenda.  I also want to thank our awesome pastors and leadership team at LMI and Unified.. . who are holding down the fort while I am gone.  It is because they do such a fine job that I can continue to travel and serve the wider church body. I heard Kerry has been doing a great job and I am especially proud of her.

Ray Hughes just confirmed the dates for January 13-15 for our second School of Worship.  Online registration will be opening very soon. Ray will also be our guest speaker on January 16 at Unified.. . Celebration Sunday.

I love you all and miss you.  Will try to keep you informed about what happens in Hong Kong as my time permits.

Pastor Dean

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