Tonight! Come Join The Treasure Hunt!

Dear LMI Family,

Easter was last Sunday and people attended numerous eggs hunts. Finding the golden egg is the most coveted prize of such events. It’s the treasure of the hunt!

Tonight you are invited to a hunt of a different kind! It is called a Treasure Hunt! Last month over 70 people participated and blessed over 200 people island wide. People were healed, prophetically ministered to, encouraged, and even led to the Lord.

Treasure hunts are fun for the whole family! It is easy to do and most of all it is free! We have a saying, “God rewards risk, and not success.” Crossing over the chicken line alone can be scary. Blessing people is easier and more fun when it is done in a team. If you are interested, meet at Unified … at 6:30 pm.

After a few simple instructions you will be sent on your way with a team to find your God ordained treasures. You are all invited to join us. Paul and Betty Uyeda will be the facilitators of the Treasure Hunt. Dress casually!

We invite you to become a blessing as you bless others.

Pastor Dean

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