Upcoming Laulima Events!

Dear LMI Family,

We will be hosting two events in the month of July.

July 6, 7, and 8; Joaquin Evans from Bethel Church’s Healing Rooms will be with us for three nights of teaching and ministry for the sick. They have been experiencing amazing miracles. There is no registration to attend. Meetings will be at Unified … 1419 10th Avenue.

July 21, 22, and 23; Ray Hughes from Selah Ministries will be conducting a “School on the History of Revival.”

“Ray Hughes highlights some of the most famous names, as well as many unknown heroes in the history of Christian revivals. Revival History is a refreshing look at some of the most wondrous events and untold stories of past outpourings. Revivals, Awakenings, Renewals, Outpourings, Movements, and Visitations have historically had common elements as well as very unique characteristics. This compelling storyteller’s journey shows how conflict, controversy, conviction, and conversion accompany fresh expressions of God’s presence in days of Revival.”

Ray is a regular teacher at Bethel’s School of Worship. For more information visit www.wordpress-8175-74255-203021.cloudwaysapps.com . Registration is now open! Only a limited number of seats are available!

We are also excited about hosting Kevin and Theresa Dedmon in the fall. Kevin is the originator of Treasure Hunts and oversees Bethel Church’s Fire Starter classes. Theresa is amazing in the area of the creative arts. We have found a kindred spirit with them both and we look forward to what they will be releasing. More information coming soon!



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