What A Powerful Time with The Lord and Joaquin Evans! MP3 Download Now Available Online!

Dear LMI Family of Supporters,

What a powerful time we had these past three nights with Joaquin and Renee Evans. The anointing and number of people testifying of their healing or miracle continued to increase each night! Last night was over the top! A lady completely blind in one eye left seeing again. Numerous people reported being healed from long term afflictions. We had so many testimonies of healing that we could not interview everyone.

One lady came up to me and said, “Pastor Dean, thank you for doing this. We have so many people who need help at our church and we don’t know what to do! So we brought them the last three nights, and they were all healed!” What Joaquin called a “healing explosion” was appropriate of what happened!

We have made the MP3 download of our Healing Seminar available now online. If you would like to purchase a copy of Joaquin’s teaching, visit http://laulimamedia.com/resources/healing-seminar-with-joaquin-evans/

In two weeks we get to do this all over again! Because of the demand for our next school on “Revival History” with Ray Hughes and Matt Higa on July 21-23, we have decided to open just 20 more seats! You can register online at www.wordpress-8175-74255-203021.cloudwaysapps.com. Once these seats are filled we will close our registration. Don’t forget to register today!



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