What an incredible Supernatural Lifestyle weekend!

Dear LMI Family,

What an incredible “Supernatural Lifestyle” weekend with Kevin and Theresa Dedmon. When I spoke to Theresa while I was at Bethel Church, I remember my request to her, “When you come to Hawaii, I want you to blow up our church!” The reason I said this was because I felt a bomb would be the best way to truly reveal what the Spirit has built and what we have done in our own strength. I figured the quicker we know what is really His from what is ours, the quicker we can get out of His way and allow Him to build it His way.

I never expected the Dedmon’s to drop a Ha-Ha-drogen Bomb on us!! I have never laughed so much in a long time! But as the dust settles, I want to say, I am so proud of each of you who accepted the challenge to risk and step over the chicken line! I literally watched lives transformed right before my eyes this past weekend. The timing of this bomb being dropped couldn’t have been better! It was what many would call a conversion, third level synchronization, the fullness of time!

Yesterday at Unified…’s Celebration Sunday, I stood in the back and wept as I watched people freely and spontaneously express their heart to the Lord in worship. Worship is more than singing songs! Having known the past struggles of many of the people and seeing the freedom they expressed, it deeply touched my heart. Paintings, interpretative writings, expressive dance, flagging, prophetic song, prophecy, healings, all came together under the orchestration of the Holy Spirit and released a new level of His Presence. It was beautiful to behold!

I will be sending out Pastor John’s summary of his experience this past weekend for you to enjoy reading!

Thank you to all our volunteers who served! I am so blessed to hear positive comments over and over again from all our guest ministers who come here of how impacting you are to their own lives. It means a lot coming from these people because they regularly travel the world! Thank you for walking this journey with us as we continue to pursue His Presence!



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